Sunday, 30 January 2011

Episode 5: The Other Guys, Devil, My One and Only, Lemmy, Spartacus, Shogun Assassin and Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol

Episode 5

The latest episode is now available!

The latest podcast is now available.
This week's new reviews include American comedy The Other Guys (2010) supernatural thriller Devil (2010), rock documentary Lemmy (2010), 1950's period drama comedy My One and Only (2009), the 50th Anniversary edition of the Spartacus (1960), Samurai classic Shogun Assassin (1980) and the Christmas 2010 episode of Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol (TV 2010).

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And if you're hard of hearing, or just don't have time to listen to podcasts don't forget you can always download the transcript of this week's podcast.

Check back later this week for links to the other two titles covered in this latest podcast. They'll be posted piecemeal over the next 7 days as I find time to complete them.

Due Out Over the Next 7 Days

The following titles are officially released on Monday, 31st January 2011 likely to be reviewed in next week's podcast (Episode 6):
  22 Bullets (2010)
  Amer (2009)
  Going The Distance (2010)
  Mr. Nice (2010)
  The Town (2010)
  Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)
  Winter's Bone (2010)

The following titles are also released this week, but unlikely to be reviewed in next week's podcast:
  The Color Purple (1985) (the US import is a better release, issued in digi-book format)
  Legend of the Fist (2010)
  Wall Street (1987)/Wall Street 2 (2010) (the original Wall Street has been available on Blu-Ray for some time)


  1. Excellent work as usual. Nothing to tempt me into buying, but a few are must-rents including the "Lemmy" doc. Have to say I'm with you all the way re "Shogun". This used to get rave reviews back in the day of UK fanzines, but never understood its appeal myself.

    Film Charts: Make up your own based on your overall impressions. Much prefer that.
    Btw, gave your podcast a plug on my blog. Not sure if it will gain you many listeners as traffic never too busy, but hope it does in time.

    Keep up the good work, and see you next week.

  2. Thanks Steve. Thought you'd been quiet lately but it turns out FeedDemon had dropped your RSS feed for some reason. Now back.

    Think you'll enjoy Lemmy. There's a performance where he joins "The Damned" (they don't look a day older - sickening!) and a suited and booted Mick Jones from The Clash has a few things to say too.

    The supermarkets are odd. As predicted nobody's stocking "Winter's Bone" and both Sainsbury's and Tesco have rated "Wall Street" above "The Town" but both have added "Legend of the Fist" which I'd thought there'd be no interest in, so I expect that to chart too. Bizarrely my local Sainsbury's has FOUR new titles this week all at the top of their chart (ha! ha!) with their "New in at no. 3... Mr. Nice". I haven't watched it yet so it might be a good film, but hardly a Top 10 hit.

  3. Thanks, Ian. Looking forward to "Lemmy" even more.
    I viewed "Winter's Bone" via rental and found a lot to admire. Shame this type of film can't get a presence in stores. As you say, they are an odd lot.

  4. Hmm yeah I think this movie want to say hero rarely becomes popular. The most often case is who we see in TV isn’t a real hero. But we perceive that it is.