Sunday, 9 January 2011

Episode 2: Dog Pound, A Serbian Film, Deep Red and more!

Episode 2
In this episode I have a quick look at the hot news topics this week, which include: Blu-Ray discussion at CES in Las Vegas, multiple store closures for HMV and the big 'Star Wars is coming to Blu-Ray' announcements.
As usual I review all the new releases that debuted on Blu over the last week, as well as giving a quick 'heads up' of new titles coming out in the week ahead.
This week's new reviews include one of the American/French remake of Scum, called Dog Pound and I also look at the highly controversial torture-porn flick A Serbian Film from, oddly enough, Serbia.
I also explain why 1970's Italian horror classic Deep Red wasn't on my shopping list this week.
And, as usual, I've also got the Official Top 10 Sales countdown, reflecting Blu-Ray sales for the seven day period ending on the 8th January 2011.

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And if you're hard of hearing, or just don't have time to listen to podcasts don't forget you can always download the transcript of this week's podcast.
Behind the scenes I've been working hard on souped-up information pages for the podcast reviewed titles, so if you want to know more click on the picture links below. See you next Monday, when new Blu-Ray releases really start to ramp up again.

Due Out Over the Next 7 Days

Some of these will be reviewed in next week's podcast:

   F (2010)
   Gainsbourg (2010)
   The Girl Who Played With Fire (2010)
   I'm Still Here (2010)
   Resident Evil 4: AfterLife (2010)
   Thorne: Sleepyhead / Scaredy Cat (TV 2010)


  1. great reviews Ian - nice to hear some new voices on films! Looking forward to the next episodes.

  2. Just listened to your second podcast, and will certainly be catching up with numbers 1 and 3 and all future casts. Very impressive work indeed. Easy on the ears voice, smooth delivery and informative comments. Love the way you include film and interview dialogue, too, and deliver just about everything a Blu collector would need to know.
    My main reason for kicking off with podcast 2 was the mention of Deep Red. I can see where you are coming from re your comments on Suspiria and Inferno (very much love 'em or hate 'em films), but feel you may well view Deep Red in a different light. Think I'll hold off for the forthcoming Blue Underground edition, due in March/April. May be worth a rent. Argento's best, I think.

    Thanks for your comments on Dog Pound. This one may have passed me by, but after listening to your review, I'll certainly rent it.

    Excellent work, Ian. Look forward to casts 1 and 3 later this week,

  3. Thanks Steve. I think you're too kind, but hopefully things will get better. I think Episode 3 was better than Episode 2 and although Episode 4 will be a bit rushed (long story, but basically too many commitments this weekend) hopefully things will improve for Episode 5.

    As for "Deep Red", I had intended to give it another go but when I went back to purchase it HMV in Oxford Street had already sold out, and I'm drowining in new stuff to review. Real Argento fans all seem to be saying the Blue Underground edition in March/April is going to be better than the UK release so it sounds like you're doing the right thing.


  4. Hi!...I enjoyed a lot your review about a serbian film, i hope you can solve a technical question about the blu ray disc, because i haven't find correct info about the region. Is the uk blu ray region free? or is it region B locked?. I want to buy it but i'm in america, so i need it to be region A compatible...Thank you a lot!

  5. Hi Carlos.
    If you look at the back cover of the disc (click on the small image in the review header to see a larger version) you will see it is listed as being Region A, B and C (ie it is region free :-)) I have just checked the disc on my Region A player and it plays fine.