Sunday, 16 January 2011

Episode 3: Resident Evil:AfterLife, Gainsbourg, F .. and more!

Episode 3

The latest episode is now available!

As usual I review all the new releases that debuted on Blu over the last week, as well as giving a quick 'heads up' of new titles coming out in the week ahead and giving a rundown on the best-selling Blu-Rays in the Official Sales Chart for the last seven days, up to the evening of Saturday, 15th January 2011.

This week's new reviews include hoodie horror F (2010), mockumentary I'm Still Here, gaming CGI-fest Resident Evil 4: AfterLife, acclaimed Swedish detective story The Girl Who Played With Fire, French 'fantasy bio-pic' Gainsbourg and Sky TV thriller series Thorne: Sleepyhead & Scaredycat.

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PODCAST CORRECTION: Please note that in the closing "Next Week's releases" section I incorrectly state that The Switch stars Patrick Bateman. I did, of course, mean to say Jason Bateman.

Due Out Over the Next 7 Days

Some of these will be fully reviewed in next week's podcast:

   Certified Copy (2010)
   Equinox Flower (1958)
   Good Morning (1959)
   Grown Ups (2010)
   The Hole (2010)
   Soul Men (2008)
   The Switch (2010)

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