Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The podcast is on its way!

In fact I launched the first episode last week. The problem is that I chose PodcastFM in the UK to host the podcast and it's been a disaster from the start. NOTHING on their web site works: the upload process, the FTP password mechanism, the Contact Us page, the ability for you to log in without getting a 'Write failed. No space' error page full of messy stack traces and php source information. Farcically bad!

So as a temporary measure, I've placed the first podcast, which runs to 32 minutes, up on my personal web site here However the download is slow and there's no RSS feed or iTunes support (yet!)

I'm hoping to finalise an arrangement with a new podcasting company by next Monday (10th January 2011) so that the next episode (a short one as there were only 3 releases in the UK this week!) can be properly supported. If all goes according to plan there will even be supporting applications in the iTunes app store to enable downloading of the podcast direct to to your iPhone/iTouch/iPad device with some fun extra's like the ability to download the pdf transcript too. More information when I've got things set up.

Stay tuned!

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